Order Fulfillment & Customer Service

You can choose to place your orders or contact us regarding a product issue in any of the following ways:

By Phone – Call 516-328-3351 or 800-852-5050:
Our experienced sales and service associates are available Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time, to help with your order.

By Fax – Dial 516-326-9125:
Our Fax machines are always on line to receive your order.

By E-Mail – Use the internet to place your order:
Larry Rubin:
Paul Kahan:

Return Authorizations (RMA)

All product returns require Pre-Approval. We will not accept returns without an RMA number. To obtain an RMA number please call 516-328-3351. One of our associates will be happy to assist you. The RMA number must appear on your return paperwork and be displayed on the outside of your carton(s) or box.

Payment Services

Depending upon your initial account setup, sales history and U.S.A. or international place of business, we will choose at our sole discretion one of four forms of payment.

Credit Cards or COD (not available outside North America)
Bank wire transfer (all international shipments outside North America)
Terms (individually negotiated terms of payment)

Engineering & Custom Design Services

Our on site Electrical and Electromechanical engineers are available Monday through Friday, 9AM – 4PM by phone, to help solve a problem or resolve a technical issue.

In addition to problem solving, in collaboration with the engineers and technicians located at our factory, our local engineers are able to advise you on a new alarm contact design, or the best way to modify an existing alarm contact. Our capabilities include fabricating plastic molds and metallic shells, custom wiring, and effectively matching magnetic properties with electromechanical characteristics.

Reed Relays and Electromechanical Relays

HASCO RELAYS and ELECTRONICS INT’L CORP., our sister company, offers a full range of Relays, Reed Relays and Reed Switches. These products are implemented extensively throughout the automotive, aerospace, fire and safety, security and telecom industries; in lighting controls, liquid level sensors, HVAC, UPS units and industrial controls.

For information and specifications go to:
Call: 516-328-9292